The entire world has felt the pains of the current economic crisis that originated in the United States, however some countries have felt the effects more than other countries.  In this brief article you can see there are certainly some real estate bargains to be had out there.

New Zealand: Foxton

Price: $125,500

Bedrooms: 4   Bathrooms: 2

Czech Republic: Prague

Price: $144,000

Bedrooms: 2   Bathrooms:1

Croatia: Istria

Price: $150,700

Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2

Portugal: Evora

Price: $150,500

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

South Africa: Jeffery’s Bay

Price: $152,500

Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 3

Russia: Chrystye Prudy Area, Moscow

Price: $152,000

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Price: $149,000

Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1

So there you have it, all the real estate you could buy around the world with a mere $150,000.  Read More

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